How to Choose a Good Roofing Contractor in Texas

That dreaded moment has come, and you’ve noticed a few signs that your roof may not be giving you the same protection and shelter you could depend on when it was brand new. Whether you’ve seen a few shingles curling, a portion of the roof appears to be missing after a storm, or you’re dealing with a sudden leak somewhere indoors, the signs all point to a need for your roof to be looked at by an experienced professional.

In most cases, a quality roof on your home should last around 30 years. In the meantime though, a variety of problems might happen including accidents, storm damage, or some other unexpected event that could shorten the expected lifespan of your roof and even create a need for emergency repairs by a professional contractor as soon as possible.

While you may spend a little time looking at various ways to handle DIY repairs or watching guides on the internet about the kinds of projects you can get done on your own, dealing with your home’s roof is a time when an experienced professional is typically the best choice. In the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area, a quick search for roofing contractors is likely to yield pages upon pages of different results, and the range of options can easily feel confusing at the very least. Catchy names, fancy websites, and broad promises can be found everywhere. Soon, you’ll probably be left feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place while trying to figure out which one to choose.

To help make this process easier, our team here at Roof Experts has decided to put together some important things to consider when thinking about which roofing contractor to hire. Keep in mind that there are a few important factors to focus on that can make all the difference between hiring a dependable contractor, and one that will leave you needing even more repairs sooner than expected.


Checking whether or not a roofing contractor is fully licensed can go a long way towards helping you decide whether or not they’re the right team for the job. The state of Texas does not require roofers to have a license to work on someone’s roof. This means that anyone with a ladder and some tools could climb up and do shoddy repair work. Asking whether or not a contractor is currently licensed by the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) is a great way to sort through some of the less trustworthy options out there. Better still, check the RCAT’s directory online to make sure they do have the licenses they claim to have.


A simple, but effective way to check into the trustworthiness of a company is to just ask for a physical address for their home office. If you get deflected, or if they offer you a PO box, then chances are high that there’s something they’re trying to hide. Having a home office address they are proud to share means the company cares about its reputation, and more importantly, it gives you a place to turn to if you need to field further questions or follow up on any concerns at some point.


Another great way to determine the skill and trustworthiness of a roofing contractor is to check into their professional affiliations. Aside from being a member of RCAT, there are several professional roofing organizations that a roofing contractor should aspire to belong to including the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Roofing and Siding Contractors Alliance. On the business side of things, having a searchable rating with the Better Business Bureau and even the local Chamber of Commerce can be a great way to put potential customers at ease. Maintaining membership in these types of professional organizations means holding yourself up to certain standards for quality of work and performance that can greatly benefit customers.


Before asking a roofing contractor to do any work for you, it is always best to have a conversation with them about their skills, experience, affiliations, company address, and other factors that can reveal whether or not they have knowledge of the industry, a willingness to hold their work up to a certain standard, or even a way to hold themselves accountable for any mistakes that could happen during the job. Your roof is one of the most important systems in your home, and making sure that any work being done on it is handled by highly trained professionals with the right knowledge and experience is the best way to make sure that it will continue to protect you for as long as possible.


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