Did you know Texas doesn’t require roofing contractors to hold a license of any kind? It’s true. Anyone can advertise their services as a roofer in Texas because licensing is voluntary here. While this is great news for contractors looking to pull a fast one on unsuspecting homeowners, it’s terrible for customers. How can you tell the good roofers from the hacks? Are online reviews enough to go by? At Roof Experts and Construction, we have the licensing and credentials to back up our claims of exceptional service and workmanship.

Licensing, especially on a voluntary basis, tells you a lot about a roofing company. It shows they take their reputation seriously and care about how they are perceived. It speaks well of their commitment, because licensing takes time and effort. And it is tangible proof that they have attained a certain level of recognition within the industry. In other words, a licensed roofing contractor in Texas has gone to great lengths to earn respect and credibility, even though the state did not require them to.


Roof Experts and Construction is proud to hold the licenses and distinctions of a Residential Licensed Roofing Contractor; GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor; and GAF-Certified Green Roofer.

Residential Licensed Roofing Contractor

  • Licensing Board: Roofing Contractors Association of Texas
  • License Number: 01-0380
  • Name: Roof Experts, RRL
  • Roofing Company: Roof Experts & Construction, Inc.



GAF’s factory-trained contractor certification provides ongoing training to the roofers who qualify – which is only 2% of all roofing contractors. It is GAF’s assurance that you’re hiring a skilled and dependable roofing contractor for your job, and they back this assurance with substantial special warranties.

To earn this certification, roofers must:

  • Show proof of proper licensing
  • Show proof of adequate insurance
  • Maintain a good reputation
  • Participate in ongoing professional training


This is an honorable certification that shows a commitment to green building practices. Roof Experts and Construction is proud to be a part of the eco-friendly future of the roofing industry.

To become a certified Green Roofer, contractors must:

  • Pass a written test
  • Complete a sustainability assessment
  • Commit to recycling shingles
  • Join their local chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council


Licensed roofers must uphold the values of the licensing board and all the associations they are a part of. Licensing keeps them accountable for their actions, the quality of their work, and their customer service. Licensing also ensures roofers know the laws and ethics pertaining to their trade. While unlicensed contractors might try to earn your business by offering to waive the deductible for your roof repairs, what they’re actually pushing is insurance fraud. A licensed roofer with real credentials would know better.


Our whole team goes the extra mile to make our customers happy. We never take shortcuts in our work or use bottom-of-the-barrel materials to increase our profit margin. We believe in earning success through a mastery of our craft and exemplary service. Our company has worked hard to earn its good reputation and the many word-of-mouth recommendations that our clients have graced us with.

Unlike other companies that just want to get the job done as quickly as possible, we take the time to nail all shingles instead of stapling them. This makes for a more stable roof installment. We also use energy-efficient materials and eco-friendly practices whenever possible. Our green building practices and outstanding credentials make us a company you can feel good about doing business with.