The Painless Performance Job: Insurance Claim Success

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Roof Experts received a call from Painless Performance Products in Fort Worth, TX. They wanted to take advantage of our free roof inspections, so we went out to their property to take a look. Upon inspection, we found several leaks in the roofing system that were caused by storm-related damage.

Our recommendation was for Painless to call their insurance carrier and file a claim. Their insurance wanted to pay to repair a portion of the damages to the roof, but did not want to pay for a full replacement. Roof Experts then provided the insurance carrier with the proper documentation of damages and an estimate for a complete roof replacement. 

With our assistance, Painless was able to achieve 100% payment for a full roofing system replacement through their insurance carrier. After the roof was approved, it took only 30 days to schedule, coordinate, and start the job. The Roof Experts team was then able to upgrade Painless Performance to a newer, modern, and more energy-efficient roofing system. The roof replacement took just 10 days to complete, all without interfering with Painless’ day-to-day functions, making this a smooth and seamless process for the property owners. 

What was the most challenging part of this job?

Convincing the insurance company that repairs would not be sufficient and/or plausible. It took a significant amount of time to provide detailed documentation of the damage present, but this meticulous work is a specialty of the Roof Experts team, and a key factor that separates us from the rest of the industry.

When did being an expert come into play?

Knowing how to correctly document damage to meet the insurance carriers\’ standards for approval is a skill that takes time and experience to master. Being a true Roof Expert means having the knowledge and capability to explain each component of the roof, its function, and how all the components tie into and affect each other. This in-depth knowledge helped our team get this job approved for full replacement in a timely manner.

Who should I call for roof repair in Haltom City?

The Roof Experts is your number one source for roof repair, roof replacement, insurance claim assistance, and more. Our team has handled tens of thousands of projects for our customers all across the DFW Metroplex. With decades of industry experience, our mission is to change the lives of our customers by providing them with the highest levels of professional service and the top-quality workmanship they deserve. When your roof needs help, make Roof Experts your first and only call!











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