Choose The Perfect Exterior Paint Color for Your Texas Home

Home renovations and upgrades are always exciting, but the endless options can make you stagnate. After all, getting lost amid hundreds of siding materials and color palettes would be enough to overwhelm anyone. So how do you go about choosing an exterior paint color that fits your style and compliments your home’s history and architecture? Check out these hot tips to find out how we would do it!

Let the House Style Inform Your Decision

Texas has a plethora of housing styles and more people choose to build a custom home every day. If you’re working with a traditional style like a Tudor, Colonial, or Greek Revival home you may just want the architecture and materials to stand for themselves. Choose an elegant and understated color to enhance the home’s existing beauty without overwhelming it. 

Meanwhile, Victorian homes and cottages seem to almost beg for color. Traditional Victorian homes were historically painted with deep natural tones, but once the Victorians discovered chemical pigments they went crazy for color, and you should too. The ornate elements on these homes will pop with a multi-color palette. A cottage can also be painted to mimic natural elements and achieve a joyful, eclectic look.  

Look at the Environment Surrounding You

If you’re surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers then base your home’s exterior color on that. We love a bit of contrast so try to pick a shade on the color wheel that’s opposite from whichever flora and fauna are most abundant in your yard. 

Texas’ state flower is a bluebonnet so if you’ve paid homage to that in your garden you may even want to try out a unique yellow or orange hue to warm up your property. Or if that’s too bold, you could stick with a cool, analogous color palette. In this instance, you could use a beautiful blue, indigo, or violet to decorate your home. Now, we know a full-color home isn’t for everyone. So if you want a more understated look. Paint your house a fresh, neutral color and add that splash of color to your window shutters or other subtle elements. 

The Shape of Your House

Modern house designs are often minimalistic and have bold geometric shapes. These homes generally look best with neutral colors like black and white or even basic primary colors. However, if your house is old school with a little more character, you can play with pastels, jewel tones, and even paint your home’s exterior with multiple colors. 

Display Texas’ History in Your Home

The Lone Star state was once a proud part of the Wild West, and many cattle ranchers still live and work here today. Tourists also come from all over to see the daily cattle drives at the Fort Worth stockyards. If you have a farmhouse or a lovely ranch-style home, you to can honor its Texas roots. 

Try out a white or cream base exterior color with a bright red or blue door. Depending on what your siding is made of, you may even be able to achieve a gorgeous shabby chic appearance. Regardless of the details, you’ll want to get started with a fresh white-wash so you have a blank slate to get creative with decorations. 

Dallas-Fort Worth Exterior Painters

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