Quick Fixes for Drafty Windows

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafty windows can be responsible for up to one-third of a home’s heat loss in the winter. This leads to homeowners cranking up the thermostat in an attempt to keep warm, which can increase their energy bill. 

Do your windows rattle in the wind, or your curtains blow in a gust of brisk air, it’s definitely time to address the problem. Windows get drafty for a number of reasons, including age, cracked glazing putty and worn out weather stripping.

You can often fix these problems with a little elbow grease and a trip to the local hardware store.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is a material that can be used to line your windows and stop cold air from entering your home. This is especially useful if there are visible cracks or gaps in your windows. Many people install weather stripping on their own, but you can also get help from a professional as part of a window repair job.

Window Caulking

When windows are installed, professionals use caulking to seal edges and reduce drafts. However, over time this caulking can develop cracks or gaps, especially if the window is several decades old.

Rope Caulk – sometimes called “finger rope caulk,” is exactly what it sounds like: a long rope-like strip of putty that you can mold to fill gaps and cracks. Rope caulk is ideal for small gaps, as well as an extra level of insulation in particularly frigid weather.  

Window Film

For increased window insulation and protection against drafts at a cheap price, window film is an ideal solution. Window film may help you retain up to 55% of the heat in your home during the winter. It is also almost completely invisible once it is applied. As a downside, you will not be able to open the window once the film is applied.

Shades And Curtains

If you need to address your drafty windows without having to install anything, consider shades and curtains. Cellular shades have the ability to prevent warm air from escaping, and cold air from coming in, because of their unique honeycomb shaped cells that trap air between the window and the room.

Signs You Need New Windows

Your Energy Bills Keep Going Up – Your home heating bill is a good indicator of your windows’ efficiency. Track your heating bills over several months — the longer the better — and compare them over time. If your bill keeps spiraling upward, you may be losing heat through your windows.

Leaky, Moist Windows – Check your windows inside and out for rotting or crumbling frames. This is a strong sign that moisture is making its way inside your home through your windows — something that can lead to serious mold problems inside.

Noisy Windows – Moisture is obviously a key concern when it comes to your home’s windows, but noise can also be a source of irritation. Single-pane and even lower quality double-pane windows can let in excessive noise. If your windows fail to keep outside noises from intruding inside your home, it may be time to call a window service.

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