The Benefits of Cool Roofs in the Summer

Traditional roofs aren’t always the best choice for homes in hot climates, especially during the harsh summer months. The sun can bake and weaken your shingles, and it can heat dark roofs up to 150 degrees. 

Cool roofs are designed to combat these issues by reflecting sunlight away from the home and insulating the home so you can stay cool and comfortable, and they can go a long way in saving you money on your electric bills.

There’s a wide range of options for cooling your roof, including reflective paints and shingles, green roofs which allow you to enjoy natural sunlight in your home without the heat, and fabric or dark color protection layers.

Benefits for Buildings and Residents

Cool Roofs can reduce the usual summer strain on your air conditioning, which can lower your electric bill drastically. A cool roof can also keep rooms without air conditioning at a more comfortable temperature, and the sun-reflecting design means your cool roof could last longer than traditional roofs.

Environmental Benefits

Cool roofs are also an ideal choice for anyone trying to help the environment. They can lower air temperatures in your area, and your reduced electricity use can lower the risk of outages in your electrical grid. Reduced air conditioning use also means you’ll be able to reduce the amount of power plant emissions, like carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides, you emit.

Money Benefits

Cool roofs require a large upfront investment, especially if you have an unconventional roof. Though adding layers of paint or fabric protection won’t cost as much as completely replacing your shingles with a cooling alternative, you’ll still be paying a heavy price for your cool roof, but it’s an investment that could save you money down the road. A cool roof will allow you to save money on electricity by naturally cooling your home and helping you be less reliant on air conditioning, fans, and other methods of indoor temperature control.

Is a Cool Roof Right for You?

Cool roofs might not be worth the money for everyone, so take some time to consider your climate, how much you spend on air conditioning, and the kind of insulation your roof already has. If the investment can’t be justified by the amount of money you’ll save, a cool roof might not be the best choice for you. Consult with roofers you know and trust and get their advice before making this decision. You can even make a pros and cons list if you’re having trouble weighing your options.

If you have a new roof, it might not be worth the money to convert it right now. For older roofs reaching the end of their lifespan, you have the option of retrofitting, re-covering, or replacing it to enjoy the benefits of a cool roof.

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