The Top 4 Roof Repairs Texas Homeowners Hire Roofing Contractors To Fix

Roof repairs can be inconvenient and at times costly. However, if you inform yourself about potential problems that may arise, you can plan ahead. This will save you time and money when something comes up because you won’t have to scramble for an emergency repair. The average lifespan of a roof in Texas is about 20 years, but this number varies depending on the material of your roof. For instance, an asphalt roof may start to deteriorate and show signs of water damage after just 10 years. Meanwhile, a sturdy and well-maintained metal roof could last up to 75 years! Maintenance and repairs are a lot more affordable than roof replacements though, so today we’re going to educate you about some common roof repairs Texas homeowners hire roofing contractors to fix. Then, you can plan to avoid these problems or start saving to alleviate some of the financial burden when your roof starts having problems. 

Shingle Repairs

This is one of the most common repairs residential roofs need. Unfortunately, the Lone Star State is no stranger to turbulent weather and this can cause shingle damage. Texas is also pretty hot (an understatement we know). Eventually, UV exposure, high wind speeds, heavy rainstorms, hail, and other weather events can damage your residential roof shingles. Texas homeowners frequently see:

  • Broken shingles– This is a frequent occurrence and a fairly easy fix. However, if you wait to repair broken shingles, they can allow water to leak into your home and cause water damage. 
  • Curling– This happens when extreme heat or moisture starts to affect the shape of the shingles. This can be a sign of poor ventilation in your home and may negatively impact your home’s climate control. 
  • Weathering– This occurs in areas where rain frequently drains off the roof. If you have an asphalt roof, this will cause your shingles to deteriorate quickly.
  • Granule Loss– This just happens over time. Granules are exposed to the elements and after a while, they begin to fall off– exposing the surface beneath. 
  • Splitting– This typically only happens when the temperature fluctuates suddenly. Extreme temperature changes force shingles to contract and crack. 
  • Shrinkage– This is a sign of aging. Typically, this just means your roofing materials are getting old and need to be replaced. 

Flashing Repairs

Roof flashing is a thin material roofers install to redirect water from important areas of the roof. They guide water away from skylights, vents, chimneys, and other key roof features to the gutters where the water can safely drain away. Flashing can be found anywhere on the roof where the roof encounters a vertical plane. 

Generally, homeowners require flashing repairs if their roofing contractor used substandard materials or forgot to seal the galvanized steel in some places. This oversight can let water into the home, causing shingle damage. 

Roof Leak Repairs

This is one of the most obvious signs that your roof needs repairs. Most folks don’t frequently check their roof for curling shingles or other problems. However, once you see a dark spot growing on your ceiling or start using a bucket to catch falling water the problem becomes fairly unavoidable. The dedicated roofing contractors at Roof Experts can help determine the cause of the roof leak and repair it before it causes expensive damage to your home’s interior. 

Gutter Repairs

As we’ve seen so far, gutters play an important role in draining water away from areas of the roof that are more prone to damage. They go through a lot to prevent build-up on your roof. That’s why you need to maintain them. Especially during the fall when the weather is changing and leaves are falling. It’s a beautiful time of year but your gutters are more likely to become clogged with debris and insects. 

Avoiding gutter maintenance can create the need for gutter repairs. First, shingles on your home may sustain water damage if water isn’t flowing off the roof properly. Second, overflowing gutters can cause roof rot which is an expensive problem to fix. Third, you can permanently damage the gutters and the roof if the gutters become too heavy to remain properly attached to the roof. 

Roof Repair Experts in Fort Worth

If you’re noticing come worn-down shingles or a pesky leak, contact Roof Experts right away! We’ll send out a team right away to assess the damage and offer you a competitive rate. We handle roof maintenance, roof repairs, and roof replacements in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and pride ourselves on our high-quality workmanship. So let us know if you ever need help protecting your investment with a fresh roof. 


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