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There is no doubt that a strong roof brings you a sense of safety for you, your family, and your belongings. Whether you have just moved into a new home in Arlington, Texas, or have been living there for 10 years, roof inspections are a must. Although you can inspect the roof yourself, we recommend that you get a professional inspection. You might miss a couple of signs that indicate roofing issues. At Roof Experts, LLC, our professional roofers have seen and fixed all types of roofing problems. They are able to spot signs that you might overlook. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Avoid an expensive and extensive roofing project with regular inspections. All you have to do is call our Arlington experts.

Roof Inspection Checklist

Roof Experts, LLC will check the entire condition of your roof. From there, we will determine if it’s in good shape, if it needs a couple repairs, or an entire replacement. Our professionals pay high attention to detail, and we never skip any corners. Here are some of the areas we inspect:

Visible Roof Leaks / Interior Water Stains

Our experts check all of your ceilings for any water stains. If we find any, we will find the source of the leaks and fix it. This can be a simple repair or an extensive replacement.

Attic’s Ventilation

The ventilation in your attic is very impactful to the lifespan of your roof. One of the first things we will check is if the attic can breathe. If the attic isn’t properly ventilated, the roof will have problems. You don’t want any cold or hot air trapped up there.

Roof’s Decking 

Our Arlington experts will check if the decking is spongy or solid under their feet. We will also take a look at the nails to see if they are still holding firm. It’s not always possible to tell if the decking is bad just by stepping on it. Sometimes, a missing shingle will let us get a closer look at the decking.

Roof’s Vent

No matter the kind of vent your roof has, it needs to be regularly inspected. We will look out for any obstructions.


Proper roof installation is crucial to your roof investment. Our Arlington experts will check that the shingles were installed correctly. We’ll look for nails driven in sideways that cause little bumps on the roof or nails that hit cracks. Our team will also look for missing, broken, or cracked shingles. We’ll replace these immediately to avoid any leaks.

Roof Experts, LLC Has Your Back

So, if your home or business needs a roof inspection, give Roof Experts, LLC a call today. We have been servicing Arlington, Texas, and the rest of North Texas for decades. We are rated in the top 2% of contractors nationwide. Our Arlington experts provide roof maintenance, repairs, replacements, and inspections. Our priority is customer satisfaction, which is why we offer tailored service to every homeowner. We’ll keep your roof strong and your family safe.


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